About Us

Welcome to A&H Wholesale Footwear where we offer a new
and improved way to order wholesale stock without the added hassle of long
registration forms or a minimum order quantity. We have made it very easy and
straight forward to register with us. Just simply fill in your name, email
address & phone number.

We understand that for your first purchase, you may not wish
to place a large order, or you may be new to the online market and would just
like to place a small order whilst you find your footing as a new seller, which
is why we do not have any restrictions or minimum order quantities. We also
offer loose pick so you can mix & match the sizes, colours, styles and
quantities as you please.

With over 15 years experience in selling footwear online, we only stock the hottest selling items. We sell a large variety of footwear and specialise
in Wellies, Clogs, Flip Flops.