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Mens Lightweight EVA Beach Clogs Summer Breathable Kitchen Garden Hospital Nurse Pool Water Shoe Mules Sandals Navy Orange

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Men’s Lightweight EVA Multipurpose Clogs – Perfect for the beach during the summer season. Also great for indoor use, wear them in the kitchen, bathroom or just relaxing in your living room. Sunbathing in your dream destination or just in your garden, drying off by the poolside, bathroom/shower, spa days. The EVA upper allows the shoes to dry quickly as the water runs right off them. Ideal workwear for nurses, doctors vets and other hospital staff.

Adjustable strap allows you to wear these clogs as a backless Mule Design to slip on & off with ease or with the EVA strap which secures the clogs to your feet. The breathable holes help your feet to dry when wet and provide extra ventilation in hot weather. New inside a polybag.